This is Annabelle. She was dumped in a back alley after her last litter was stillborn. Annabelle is what is referred to as a “breed bitch” in the breeding and dog fighting world. 

Because Annabelle is a “dark blue” or “charcoal” color, she was bred with another “blue” male pit bull in the hopes of both recessive genes creating “blue” puppies. If a bitch fails to produce an effective litter, they are often dumped, or even killed for failure to continuously give birth to live litters. This was Annabelle’s fate.

“Blues” are the craze of the underground dog fighting world. They are known for their extreme muscle mass, superior strength, aggressive temperament and willingness to fight until the death. This is due to the close knit gene pool used to create “blue” pits, which often contributes to behavioral problems. They are also susceptible to illness and disease due to their recessive heritage, creating a dysfunctional nervous and immune system.

The Combat Veterans Christian Ministry (CVCM) adopted Annabelle just days before she was to be euthanized. The CVCM rescues dogs just like Annabelle from shelters all over Texas. These is first rehabilitated to learn what it means to be a “pet” of a loving family. Each animal is then evaluated and trained; some for service work and others as companions or emotional support animals for Veterans. This is done without any cost to the disabled Veteran.

Please donate to our cause and help us help our nation’s heroes. If you would like your donation to go to a specific dog or Veteran, please annotate them in the memo along with your donation.

Thank you, God Bless you, and God Bless our Veterans.