"Because The Battle Doesn't End Once Your Home"

Combat Veterans Christian Ministry has been truly blessed. We are in the "Closing" Process with the "Texas Veterans Land Board" for the purchasing of 26 Acres in Ladonia, TX. We had to change our plans due to a utility issue with the 10 acres in Honey Grove, TX as previously planned. However, we were immediately blessed with this opportunity. With this amount of land. We will be able to create and dedicate this land as a "Ranch" for the veterans.

The name of the ranch will be announced upon the dedication.

We would like to invite any and all of our family, friends, and fellow veterans who would like to donate. To please do so by using the "Go Fund Me" link on the main page. All donations will go to creating multiple "Transitional Housing" throughout the land. We want to provide a way to help continue with a sober living environment as well as to provide training, growth, and responsibility. So that the veterans can transition into civilian life in a easier manner.